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Asking for your help...

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Asking for your help...

Published on
09 July 2022

People who help others without expectations experience higher levels of fulfillment and even live longer. I’d like to offer you an opportunity to help someone you’ve never met and likely never will, and to also help us reach more people with the messages in my wife, Gina Lake’s, channeled books. Would you be willing to help someone you’ve never met (and us) if it did not cost you money and only took 60 seconds or so of your time?

If the answer is yes, then the person you can help is someone just like you, or like you were in the past: less experienced, full of the desire to awaken, to suffer less and to reduce the suffering of others; seeking understanding but perhaps unsure where to look….this is where you come in.

The only way for Gina and me to accomplish our mission of helping others awaken and move from the suffering of the ego to the richness of living as their divine self is by reaching them. Most people do, in fact, judge a book by its cover (and its reviews). If you have found Gina’s books helpful, would you please take a brief moment and leave an honest review on Amazon of her book, Cycles of the Soul? It will not cost you anything and will only take around 60 seconds. Your review will help someone else discover the wisdom and help available in this, Gina’s latest channeled book. 

To leave a review on Amazon, just follow this link:

Note: To leave a review on another country's Amazon website, visit the book's page here: and click the button half way down the page that says, "Write a customer review."  Read this book for FREE with a trial membership in Kindle Unlimited.

About Cycles of the Soul: Life, Death, and Beyond:

CS3DcroppedlowresWhat is the soul? And what is this human life all about? What happens at death and after death? What is it like in the afterlife, and do you plan your life before you are born? These are the questions answered by Cycles of the Soul. In this channeled book from Jesus, he explains this great mystery of the soul and how it evolves through many, many lifetimes of experience. You’ll discover what the soul needs to learn, how it does that, and how it heals from traumatic experiences. You’ll also discover why people suffer and have difficulties, why people are so different and how to get along with them, and you’ll be given practices to raise your vibration and speed up your evolution. This wise and compassionate perspective from Jesus will help you embrace life and be at peace with life and with death.

From the Introduction: “Before taking on a human life, you existed as an energy being, as pure love and ecstatic beingness. And then you chose to experience being human. Once you did, you became embroiled in the cycle of lifetimes that hone and shape a human being and bring you back to your original state of love and peace—but with much more experience, compassion, and wisdom than you had before these incarnations. You chose to leave perfection for a state of imperfection and immeasurable challenges and growth. What courage! What a journey! From these experiences as a human being, your soul gains immensely, far more than you can ever imagine, and not only your soul but the Godhead is enhanced by these experiences. All of creation evolves and all of creation evolves the Creator, and the Creator rejoices! This is what is going on. This is the bigger picture, the grand design you are part of.” –Jesus

To leave a review on Amazon, just follow this link:

Read this book for free with a trial membership in Kindle Unlimited.

Thank you so much for your help!

Warmly, Nirmala

PS: If you want to help even more, feel free to also write a quick review of any of Gina’s or my other books. Just open one of our books on Amazon and scroll down to where it says, "Write a customer review." Here is Gina’s author page with all of her books: and here is my author page:

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