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Contact Nirmala with Questions for this Blog:

Nirmala invites you to send him your questions about awakening, surrender, self-inquiry, transmissions, and spirituality in general. He will do his best to answer them here on his blog. Please use the contact form on this page to send him your question(s). Read more about Nirmala, or check out the story of his awakening.

Here is a review of some of Nirmala's books from Facebook:

So, I rarely pay money for an e-book. If I have to pay for it, I want to hold it in my hands, be able to flip back and forth between pages, read ahead, and go back, highlight sections, and be able to see it on my shelf. I subscribe to a service that alerts me to free e-books, which is how I first found Nirmala's Living from the Heart. And I got Nirmala's Gifts with No Giver (poetry) as a free e-book on his website.

So it's significant if I will pay for an e-book, which I did for Nirmala's Nothing Personal. The subtitle is 'Seeing Beyond the Illusion of a Separate Self.' I really like this author and feel blessed by his words, which resonate very strongly with me. His books are easy to read, yet every once in a while, he offers a description or an insight into what you think you know that surprises you by how he says it - it's like pure poetry!