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Guided Meditation from Jesus entitled "Home"

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Here is a video of a recent guided meditation Gina channeled for our weekly Christ Consciousness Transmissions. It is one of my favorites.

More info about the Saturday and Sunday online transmissions is here: https://endless-satsang.com/faq

And an online course consisting of 20 of these guided meditations by Jesus is here: https://www.radicalhappiness.com/online-courses/deep-peace-meditations


Home:Guided Meditation from Jesus Home:Guided Meditation from Jesus


More recordings of channeled messages from Jesus from previous sessions are on our Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Nirmalanow  Click on the "Subscribe" button to be notified of new videos when they are uploaded.


Desires are like a compass that points in all directions.

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Q: As I go through the teachings & transmissions you and Gina offer, I understand the need to let go of the egoic mind to be in the present moment. But, how does one “deal” in present time with current family members who have inflicted harm? For example, there’s unresolved trauma between my parents and me. Do I just walk away from the relationships? I have no desire to hold onto the pain, but I also have no desire to be around them at this time in my life. That does not feel like a loving place to me & it creates conflict. Yet, I’m not willing to compromise my own emotional safety - and set myself back on my path.

In an ideal world I hope to return to a place of love so I can spend time with them again before they die. But, I’ve not been able to do that for over a year now, and I have judgements towards myself because of it. Forgiveness has been elusive so far, though I am not giving up.

A: Thanks for your question,. I will answer from a different perspective than you might be used to. I would suggest that the only way this situation is a "problem" is because you have conflicting desires about it. You want to stay away from your parents and you want to connect with them and heal the relationships. You want to forgive and you want to protect yourself.

Surprisingly, there is actually no problem even with equal and opposite desires. That is simply the nature of desire in us humans: we want everything and its opposite. In fact, we truly want literally everything because desire does not cost us anything, so we want things with abandon! This is OK if we can just let the desires be here. In a strange way, when we let all of the different and even opposite desires just be here, then they do not matter as much. If you recognize that you want something and its opposite, then no matter what happens you both get what you want and do not get what you want. So it no longer matters what happens.

When for a moment, you just let all of your desires be here in all of their many directions and intensities, then they all cancel out. You are left simply being here and life becomes strangely simple and quiet. You still want what you want (which is everything and its opposite), but you know that those desires do not really matter. This frees your attention to notice what else is here besides desire, such as the mystery and wonder of every simple moment just as it is.

In this totality of acceptance, action will still arise. You may reach out to your parents or you may move away from them. You may find yourself forgiving them more completely, or you may find yourself feeling the same way towards them. Often from the place of acceptance of all of our desires and feelings in a particular situation, the actions you take are surprisingly appropriate and effective. But even when they seem to not be very helpful, you still are OK with that also. And sometimes, you then discover that in the long run, it was actually the best thing you could have done after all. In this place of acceptance, our deeper intution can flow more freely to guide us from within, even if our mind is still questioning.

My teacher, Neelam, always gave me great advice. Whenever I had a question about what to do about something, she would say, "Don't give it another thought. If something is meant to happen it will and if it is not meant to happen, there is nothing you can do to make it happen." I am naturally lazy, so I really liked the advice to let it all go. And sure enough, when I stopped worrying about the situation, it would naturally and effortlessly shift in an apparently positive way, sometimes due to my own actions and sometimes without me doing anything. But again, even when things shifted, it just meant I was still getting what I wanted and also not getting what I wanted. That is the inherent dilemma of the world of duality, but it only is a place of suffering if you think it should be different.

Desires are like a compass that points in all directions. That is just their nature. But, you might as well ignore a compass like that! The sense of inner conflict is only present when you think that your desires are important and that they matter. Without that attitude, they simply are something you can pretty much ignore or at least hold very lightly. Then the sense of inner conflict and the suffering it engenders subside, and right action may or may not arise. The simplest solution to any "problem" is to stop seeing it as a problem.

I hope this is helpful.


Two New Events with Christ Consciousness Transmissions

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Announcing two events where you can immerse in Christ Consciousness Transmissions (CCTs):

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Six-Day Series of Daily CCTs: February 3rd to 8th at 6:00 pm Pacific Time:

harnessing solar renewable Experience the Christ Consciousness Transmissions every day for 6 days from Sunday to Friday, Feb. 3rd to 8th. During the first week of February we will offer daily CCTs at 6:00 pm Pacific time and 9:00 pm Eastern time (11:00 am in Tokyo and 1:00 pm in Sydney on the following day--Feb 4th through 9th). You can also extend the immersion in CCT simply by attending the regular gatherings on the Saturday and or Sunday just before and after.

You need to sign up ahead for these transmissions and the cost will be $90 for all 6 days. Click this button to pay on Paypal in order to sign up for the six-day series (or mail a check to Endless Satsang Foundation, PO Box 3558, Sedona, AZ 86340):

Once you have paid, you will be sent an email with the special Zoom link we will be using just for the six daily CCTs. Please contact us if you are interested in attending at a reduced rate as partial scholarships are available.)


Intensive with Three Christ Consciousness Transmissions on Sunday March 3rd

Jesus by Danielle TonossiOn Sunday, March 3rd, we will offer an intensive with three transmissions. The first session will include an open discussion period where you can ask questions about or share your experiences with the CCT. This will be an opportunity to set aside time for immersion in the energy of the transmissions. The sessions will be at the following times:
Session 1 (two hours): 8:00 am Pacific time (11:00 am Eastern, 4:00 pm UK, 5:00 pm Central European) This session will include the discussion and a transmission.
Session 2 (one hour): 11:00 am Pacific time (2:00 pm Eastern, 7:00 pm UK, 8:00 pm Central European) Note that this is also our regular Sunday session time.
Session 3 (one hour): 1:00 pm Pacific time (4:00 pm Eastern, 9:00 pm UK, 10:00 pm Central European)

You need to sign up ahead for this intensive and the cost will be $60. Here is a Paypal button where you can make your payment (or mail a check to Endless Satsang Foundation, PO Box 3558, Sedona, AZ 86340):

(Once you have paid, you will be sent info on how to attend the intensive. Please contact us if you are interested in attending at a reduced rate as partial scholarships are available.)


If you are not familiar with the transmissions, frequently asked questions about the CCTs are here.

We hope you can join us for one or both of these special events. If you have any questions about the gatherings, use the contact form here to get in touch with us.

 Warmly, Gina and Nirmala


        AnandamayiMaYogananda angel RafiRumi



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