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The Many Paths to Awakening

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Q: Once again I enjoyed the intensive you and Gina gave last weekend. I really appreciate what you guys are doing during this challenging time.

Something you said during the initial Q & A has stayed with me, your statement that according to Dr. Jeffrey Martin’s research, spiritual practices or techniques only work for 5% of the people who practice them, and it is a different 5% for each of the approaches out there.. My initial reaction was “man, that’s depressing!” But as I sat with it longer, I began to feel that there are many other factors besides the technique alone, that could also factor into whether a person shifts or benefits. For instance, how close is the person to awakening? In your & Gina’s case, it seems that you were both quite close to awakening, so it didn’t take long for you to awaken. I would venture to say your nervous systems, your physiologies, were quite pure, and free of a lot of samskaras to begin with. Further, what about life purpose? It would seem that maybe you were meant to be spiritual teachers in this lifetime and so, were destined to awaken early on. Then too, what of karma? Is a technique powerful enough to remove karma? What about grace? From working with Gina, she has stated that awakening happens as a matter of grace alone, and thus has little or nothing to do with the practitioner’s technique or commitment.

In addition, there is the whole issue of the wisdom of digging one hole deeply in order to find water vs. digging many shallow holes (as the Jeffery's Finder’s Course apparently recommends), though I suppose Dr. Martin suggests the other side of the argument, which would be to try other places if you’ve been digging the same dry well for a long time.

Then I wonder about his methodology. How does he measure the effectiveness of the techniques? Does he provide practitioners with a Muse brain sensing headband to check brainwaves? I tend to doubt that filling out questionnaires is a valid means of assessing level of consciousness. I imagine it would be interesting to read one filled out by a Zen roshi.

Looking at this from the point of view of a pre-awakened person who has been on the spiritual path for 35 years, I guess I’m saying that technique is a factor, as is science, but I think it has to be looked at in the greater picture that includes all these other factors; the context of what the spiritual path is all about. Once you do that, the role of science is diminished. I’d be interested in your thoughts, comments or suggestions, since I've all of a sudden begun receiving emails from Dr. Martin.

A: First, let me say that I hold everything very lightly, including Jeffery's claims. However, I have found many of his insights helpful in broadening my perspectives. As for the essence of your question, I would agree completely that there are many, many factors at play in the unfolding of a human awakening. And yet all of the formulas that have been promulgated for spiritual awakening do work.....sometimes! I wrote a blog post about this a while back: https://endless-satsang.com/the-flower-of-spiritual-awakening.htm ...In it, I ask many of the same questions you have asked.

One of the most fascinating and yet challenging things Jeffery has shared with me is that the roughly 5% rule also applies to accepting Jesus Christ into your heart as your lord and savior. His own mother had a profound spiritual awakening at a revival type Christian gathering when she was "saved". For much of her life after that she assumed that everyone who went up to be saved at similar meetings must have had the same experience as her! I know other people who have had a similar experience, including a friend who was able to see past a dogmatic interpretation of his experience and yet was transformed when he asked to be saved at a bible study group.

As for Jeffery's claims of success with his approach, I especially hold that lightly. In his unfolding model, he has identified several different types of awakening, which he calls locations. This does explain some of the rather striking differences in what some people report of their experiences, but I do think it is a bit of a stretch to call some of his locations a full awakening.

Who knows, maybe with his approach of digging several shallow holes he is able to exceed the limitations of the 5% results from sticking with just one of the many spiritual paths that have a track record of potentially working. There are many graduates of his course, and of my wife, Gina's similarly wide ranging online course, that report that they feel they were fundamentally changed.

New Channeled Book by Gina Lake: Awakening Love

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My wife, Gina Lake, has just released a new channeled book from Jesus entitled, Awakening Love: How to Love Your Neighbor as Yourself


AL 3Dplaceit What would Jesus say about love if he were alive today? In Awakening Love, you will find out, as Jesus speaks to you directly about his most essential teaching in this channeled book by Gina Lake. Here is an excerpt:

“The love that is within me is also within you. Love is your true nature as much as it is mine. That means that it is possible for you to love as I did. This was my message, not that you are sinners and the only possibility for happiness is in heaven. No, I came to earth to show you that it’s possible to love your neighbor as yourself and to encourage you to do so. I came to earth, not to bring love and then leave, but to ignite the love within you, to show you that you, too, could be Christed as I was and as I am. It is your destiny to live as love, and I came to show you how to do that. That was and is the purpose of my teachings.”

“This book is what I would teach about love if I were walking among you today. It takes its organization from particular quotes of mine and others from the Bible, which have come down through time. The quotes this book is built upon are the core teachings I gave then and I offer you today. If they are adhered to, they will change your life and change your world.” –Jesus


Kindle Ebook Available Now for an Introductory Price of Just $2.99 (reg $4.99):



Reminders for Coping With Challenging Times from Gina Lake

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My wife, Gina Lake, shared some pointers on how to cope in these difficult times:

Reminders for Coping With Challenging Times from Gina Lake

Here are a few reminders for how to cope with challenging times like the one we are going through now as a result of the coronavirus.

  • Notice what you’re grateful for. It’s especially important that we focus on what we are grateful for now—what we have and can do, and not what we don’t have or can’t do. This is always good advice but especially important in times of difficulty, when the mind is prone to piling on negativity. Is this moment really a problem? If you are just here, right now, can you find peace inside you, even just a little? Can you find love within you, even just a little? Focus on these, and they will become your experience. Whatever you focus on becomes your experience of reality. This moment and every moment is an opportunity to focus on what you are grateful for and feel the love and peace that flow from that gratitude. Stay in that place of gratitude and keep coming back to it as you need to.
  • Stay positive. I don’t mean pretend that you are on top of the world or pretend that you are happy or fantasize that things are great. What I mean by “stay positive” is affirm the truth as a counterbalance to the negativity your mind might be putting out. For instance, repeat “All is well and unfolding as it needs to” in response to worries and fears. This is the truth. Other truthful, positive phrases are: “Be still, and know that I am God.” “I let go and let God.” “I am love and light. Nothing but good can come to me, and nothing but good can flow from me.” “I am that I am.” Making up your own phrase that brings peace and love back into your heart and repeating it can be especially powerful.
  • Pray: For example, you can pray: “May all beings be happy. May all beings be at peace. May I be happy. May I be at peace.” Or find another prayer you resonate with, or make one up. Ask for whatever you need help with. Connect with the nonphysical beings who are guiding you and ask them to send you healing, love, peace, understanding, insight—whatever you feel you need. Know that these beings exist to help you and be there for you. Feel their constant presence with you. Talk to them. You can also connect with them during our weekly online Christ Consciousness Transmission gatherings, which you can find out more about here: https://endless-satsang.com/christ-consciousness-transmission.htm
  • Stay present. Stay in the present moment. Fear is a negative thought about the future, and it’s just an imagination, nothing useful. You will be much more functional and happy if you just attend to what is in front of you. Use this time to practice being present. And take time to meditate.
  • Take slow deep breaths frequently. This calms the limbic system (fight or flight) and will help you be present and calm. Doing this for even just ten minutes will shift your consciousness.
  • Read spiritual books that help you maintain a higher state of consciousness. I happen to have a Netflix recommendation because it’s something I just watched, although I realize everyone’s tastes are different. Nevertheless, Anne with an e is a really wonderful, refreshing, full of love and goodness, 3-season show that I think many of you will enjoy.

Times like these have an enormous potential for spiritual growth. There is much good that can come out of this experience that would not have occurred without it. As with everything in duality, there is a silver lining, even if that isn’t apparent right now. 

Stay well and be at peace. All love…

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